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Kirk Jockell is a retired Senior Chief from the World’s most powerful Navy. He hails from the small, coastal town of Port St. Joe, Florida. However, he platoons his time around Georgia’s Lake Lanier for what remains of a regular job–not sexy enough to mention here.

He is the author of the Nigel Logan Stories beginning with the three-book series, “Tales from Stool 17.”

  • Volume one of the series is subtitled: “Finding Port St. Joe.”

  • Volume two of the series is subtitled: “Trouble in Tate’s Hell.”

  • Volume three of the series is subtitled: “Dark Days of Jugment.”

While the Stool 17 trilogy is done, Jockell is not. He has just released (2019) his fourth Nigel Logan book, “Tough Enough.” It is a prequel and gives a glance at his development as a boy up until he starts his Navy career. He is currently working on the fifth Logan book titled, “Tupelo Honey.” Stay tuned.

Kirk enjoys sailing, reading, fishing, and throwing his cast net for mullet. He is married to his lovely wife of 30+ years, Joy. They live with their awesome dog Nate (check him out on Facebook: #98Nate), their black cat, Stormy (that pukes a lot), and a bottle of Jim Beam.