Tough Enough

In the Nigel Logan story, Tough Enough, Kirk gives his readers a glimps into the life and experiences that influenced a young Nigel.

Long before he sailed into St. Joe Bay and discovered Florida’s Forgotten Coast, long before he found his new life and family, and long before he became the loving but tough vigilante … he was just a boy. A boy nobody would have ever thought capable of growing into a killer, much less one that could get away with it.

To understand Logan the man, you must first meet Nigel, the boy. He would have been perfectly happy being the kid and later man he would have become. Others, though, wouldn’t let the sleeping dog lie. An awakening occurred that gave birth to a golden retriever-pit bull mix, caring and thoughtful on one side, ruthless and unapologetic on the other. Which side of young Nigel Logan others found themselves on was entirely up to them.

Read on to know what it means to be … TOUGH ENOUGH.